Training tips that will improve your pet training experience

When it comes to working with pets there are some very helpful training tips to remember. One of the top training tips is patience.  It is one of the greatest tools we can have when working with and training animals. This is especially so with dogs and horses. When working with young animals or training them something new we can often forget that they don’t know what we want from them. Although it might seem like a fairly simple concept to you, your horse or dog has absolutely no idea what is expected of them.

Think back to the last time you learned something new, like a program on a computer or a concept in school such as math or science. Do you have it? Now how long did it take you to learn it? Did it take a few times to sink in? Did someone have to show you or help you a few times before you finally understood it all? Now think how fast you would have learned that skill or knowledge if the person who taught you was impatient, rolling their eyes, getting aggravated with your questions. Maybe this has actually happened to you. In any case you would not learn as fast or you might not even want to learn it at all from that person. Now picture this, you are in a class or a course and the teacher seems really nice and calm the first day.  You feel relaxed and willing to learn. The second day comes and out of nowhere he is upset, angry, yelling at you. Can you picture this? Is this guy helping your learning process?

I have a horse that constantly reminds me about the importance of patience. He reminds me that although we have gone over something once it does not mean it has stuck for good.  Sometimes he picks things up really fast, other times he needs extra work with it. If your horse spooks at something or shy’s away he/she is telling you they need more work with that subject.

Our Egos tell us that this should be an easy concept; we understand it, so why cant they. Sometimes we can get upset far to quickly and push them way too fast. Your horse/dog will let you know if he understands what you are asking of him. If he is not getting the concept after a little while maybe try explaining it to him in a different way. Remember they are working off of what feels good and what does not feel good.

The next time you are trying to teach your horse or your dog something new and you start to feel yourself get worked up or frustrated, stop, take a breath and remember yourself learning something new. Patience is key when working with animals.

Stay tuned for my next blog as I am going to talk about the importance of consistency when training animals.

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