I have a 10 year old indoor/outdoor farm cat. He usually makes an appearance daily but my parents had not seen him for a few days. When they finally found him he was severely dehydrated and dragging himself along on his front end. X Rays showed a crushed sacrum, the vet was not sure at that point if he would have normal bowel and urinary function due to any nerve damage or if he would be able to walk.

He was put on a pain killer and assigned strict cage rest for 6-8 weeks. He was not eating or drinking over the next few days and had become severely dehydrated again. On the way back to the vet a abscess close to his sacrum had burst open. It had definite teeth marks therefore was caused by a cat bite. Now he was given some antibiotics and the wound was cleaned. Still not eating or drinking well and NOT taking his antibiotics well, Allison did a distance session on him as he is at least eight hours away.  The next day he began drinking, eating and making it to the litter box. He was never very happy to take the antibiotics and probably did not get a full course, however, the wound has now healed over completely without any further infection. He is back to his old self running around and keeping the other cats and dogs in line! Thank you Allison!!!


My dog Molly had been suffering with diarrhea for two whole months and during that time I had taken her to the vet where we took the ” let’s see if this works approach “. Twice.  Once for a a dose of antibiotics, the next for a dose of pro-biotics.  Neither of which fixed the cause of Molly’s over active intestinal tract.

During this two month period I had also taken Molly for Chiropractic adjustments because that had helped her situation when she was a puppy but, this time it helped a bit but not much, and, after a short period of time,  she was right back where she started from.

I called Allison thinking that maybe Body Talk could fix Molly’s problem because Body Talk had helped me with some problems of my own. Besides, I was getting really tired of having to wash off Molly’s very furry behind every time she pooped, two months of doing that is a very long time let me tell you!

When Allison came to our house after I called her, Molly was at ease with Allison right away.  Allison has a way with animals and it shows.  The next morning after the Body Talk treatment Molly was free of  diarrhea, nothing but  good ‘ole solid pick-up-able poop! I believe I did the dance of joy….

Turns out Molly’s cause of diarrhea was emotional, she was picking up on my feelings of worry about a new job and it was causing her intestinal upset. This explains why the antibiotics, probiotics, and Chiro treatments were not getting us anywhere with fixing the root cause of the problem and why Allison was able to help us by doing Body Talk.

Should Molly have other issues come up in regards to her health I will definitely call on Allison.



It is not always easy to link the changes that occur in an animal to a specific cause, however our recent AnimalTalk sessions with Allison produced such dramatic and immediate changes that there was no doubt in our minds that AnimalTalk had actually made the difference.
We had taken on a senior foster dog who began showing aggression toward our cats.  We did not want to move him to another home due to his age and health, so we decided to see if AnimalTalk could make a difference.  Within 24 hours of his session with Allison, the cats could walk around the house and he wouldn’t even raise his head to look at them.  Because of this amazing turn around, we decided to have Allison back when another problem began to show up.  Ripley wanted to be outside all the time, and with the weather turning colder, we were concerned about how this would affect his arthritis.  He began to bark constantly at the back door and was very stressed about being kept indoors.  Immediately following the session with Allison, he was content to be inside!  In both instances, months later, neither problem has recurred.
Based on our experiences, we would highly recommend Allison and the AnimalTalk method to others and we will continue to use this healing modality for our own family.

The Devennys


Our dog was about 5 months old when we discovered he needed hip surgery for hip dysplasia.  We had Allison come for 2 sessions with him before surgery to help him prepare for it.  We then had her come in for another session in between his surgeries to help with the healing.  He has done amazingly well.  The surgeon that did the surgery knows of Body Talk and I asked her if she thought it had been of benefit.  She responded with a resounding “YES!”  She said how amazed she was that the day after the surgery on his second hip he was fully weight bearing.  He has now recovered from all of this, he is happy and healthy and pain free.

Thanks Allison for bringing your talent to our family!!

Rhonda, Steve, Jorden, Nicholas and especially Rocky

In the beginning I was sceptical of Body Talk.  I am a high level athlete and I didn’t believe that it could help me recover from injury or improve my actual performance.   I injured my knee during a competition and it was extremely painful.  I was unsure if I would be able to continue the next day so I gave in and had a body talk session that night, by the next day my knee was better then new.  I was able to keep competing with no down time. Since I have had great success with Body talk, I have also had performance agendas completed that really helps my focus and gives me a mental edge.



I am a middle aged competitive badminton player and I came to the clinic for help with a ‘performance enhancing session’ before a Canadian Masters Badminton Competition.  During the competition I was amazed at how relaxed I was during my play and how well I played throughout my matches.  However the tournament took its tole and I became very sore and stiff prior to the final match.  I remained stiff throughout the warm-up period.  However, an amazing thing happened as the shuttle was hit for the first time.  All of the soreness and stiffness disappeared instantaneously and I was able to play in a very fluid manner.  I had completed the game playing at a level that I had not played before, resulting in winning the match.  The soreness and stiffness only returned after the match had ended.