Exceptional insight into achieving your goals through Soul Surfer

Our minds can be the greatest barrier between failing to meet our goals or surpassing well beyond them.

I recently watched the movie “Soul Surfer” which I would encourage all of you to watch at some point.  Not to watch the movie necessarily but to take in the story the movie is sharing. It is a film based on a true story about the life of surfer Bethany Hamilton. At the age of 13, Hamilton lost her left arm in a shark attack.  Before the attack she lived and breathed surfing; every fiber in her body loved it and she was really good at it.  Although she only had one arm her love for the water and surfing remained strong.  She had a hard road of getting back into shape and relearning how to balance on a surfboard. She ends up over coming this challenge and the mental challenge of the “why me? Why did this happen to me?” and she ends up winning the national surf contest.

Now I am not trying to ruin the movie for you, I am trying to show you that if you want something bad enough then you can over come all the obstacles in your way to get there.

It is amazing how often we convince ourselves that something is out of our reach when in reality nothing is out of our reach.  It might feel like it is at this point in time when sometimes all you need to do is find a different path to get there. Maybe there is something you need to learn in the process while reaching your goals.  Turmoil teaches us how to be strong, is helps us to learn important lessons we need for our future.  It might not seem like it at the time when you are in the middle of it all but sometimes all you need to do is keep working, keep learning and keep growing because one day you will get there.

Your dream might not be as easy as you might think it should be.  Not everything happens on your schedule. You might not fully be ready for your dream or there might be something you need to learn first.  If you can let the dust settle on your turmoil you can often times see the bigger picture, it might give you some answers and new out look on where you are suppose to go or how you are suppose to proceed.  For example in the movie after one of Bethany’s surf competitions a reporter asks her “Bethany if you knew you where going to loose your arm would you have gone surfing that day?” her answer was this “I still would have surfed that day because I can impacted more people with one arm then I ever could with two arms.” We are the ones that stop ourselves from achieving our dreams no one else but us.

I am not saying that the road to success will be easy and it might take you a lot longer to achieve your goal then you think it should.  I am saying that if you want it bad enough then never give up. You never know what you can accomplish and how close you are until you put in the effort. Your vision of your goal might change a bit as you work to achieve it but never stop yourself from working toward it.


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