The secret to success lies within 4 action steps

“For things to change, you’ve got to change, otherwise nothing much will change.”

- Jim Rohn

How many of you think that success should just fall into your lap? It is amazing how we think it should with out doing any work. That we can just put the minimal amount of work and effort into our goals and they will just appear. I myself was guilty of this for quit some time. I thought that I could just manifest success and not put any effort into getting it off the ground. The truth is if you want something you don’t need to kill yourself trying to get it and yes manifestation can be a huge help but if you want things to change or manifest into reality you need to “do the leg work” and decide how badly you want it.

The secret to success lies within these 4 action steps. These steps will help you get closer to your dreams and goals.

  1. Clarity- If what you want is for your business to take off you need to get a clear understanding as to what that looks like. In all categories including business, financial, fitness and health, fun time, relationships and personal life. If you do not have a clear picture in your mind and on paper as to what you want, how can you work toward it or even achieve it? As you progress further into your plan your ideas might shift or change, that is ok but make sure you have a clear picture from the start as to what it is you want.
  2. Focus- You need focus on what you want not on what you don’t want or don’t have. In this day and age it is really easy to lose focus and momentum when you are trying to achieve your goals and desires. Between TV, computers, the Internet, friends, family, hobbies and work there are a lot of activities that can distract you from where you want to end up. You do not need to be focused on your goal for the whole day but you do need to be focused on it 100% for a period of time during the day. If your day is already full take a look to see what you can cut out of it to free up some time and space. TV? Internet surfing time? Maybe there is a friend or family member that is taking up all your time so take an hour or two off of them to focus on your own project. It might seem hard at first but you will be grateful you did later when you are closer to your goal.
  3. Don’t expect someone to do the work for you- It is fine to team up with someone to help get your idea or certain parts of your idea off the ground. But do not rely on them to make your dream into reality. After all it is your dream. The secret to success is that you still need to take the practical steps to get there; you still need to put the work into it. It is not often that what you want just falls into your lap while you are sitting in front of the TV. You have to take action steps to get there.
  4. If at first you don’t succeed do it again with a different angle- We have all herd it and said it but if this goal is something you really want, you have to keep working at it. I was at a talk with speaker Les Hewitt about the secret of success and he told us this story about a tennis player by the name of Andy Murray.  Andy made it to the semi final rounds at Wimbledon, the US Open and the Olympics four times and lost four times. How discouraging. He was good enough to make it to the finals but for some reason he kept failing. He then decided to make some changes. He ended up hiring a new coach and within a year he won every major victory he was dreaming of achieving. If Andy had just given up after the first four attempts he would have never achieved his dream and goals. He is now ranked top 3 in the world. He had a clear picture as to what he wanted and the focus and drive to get him there. All he needed to do was come at the problem with a different angle. It was as simple as hiring a new coach.

The secret of success is simple. Apply these four action steps in your everyday life and see where it takes you.

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