Learn how AnimalTalk can benefit the health of your animal

Would you like to find out what is behind your pet’s fear or aggression?
Do you want to give your pet the upper hand on their road to recovery from stress, illness, injury, or pain?
Would you like to help them heal faster after surgery?
Maybe you just want to know that your treasured pet is healthy.

Check out BodyTalk for Animals!

The health of your animal is very important. Everyone wants their beloved friend to be healthy and happy. When they are sick or injured all we want is for them is to get better. Who can relate to that? Discover how this natural system can benifit the health of your animal.

Because animals are extremely aware and sensitive to their surroundings many animals take on the physical, emotional and energetic stresses of their human companions.  Exposure to daily stress can lead to disease and malfunctioning within an animals body. Healing occurs when inner systems in the body communicate and balance.

The sessions focus on reconnecting ultimate health to the animal and in return corrects or calms any unwanted behaviours, aches, pains, diseases or disorders.

Body Talk for animals helps you to understand the reasons behind your animal’s health or behavioral issues and works to remove the causes rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Think of it this way: When a Doctor stitches up a wound he is simply connecting the two sides together; it is the body that actually heals the wound. The physician is simply helping the body to heal the wound more efficiently and effectively. BodyTalk for animals is similar because it is assisting the body to heal itself.

Bodytalk for animals can be performed on domestic or wild animals.  As the sessions are done by “short-distance”, there is no hands-on contact with the animal, thus making it safe for all parties involved.

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