Increase your understanding of your pet through some wisdom of a dog whisperer

What are your animals telling you?

A little while ago I was out with some friends at the Caser Millan (dog whisperer), show that was here in Calgary and I was reminded of some important factors we should all be paying attention to when going about our day to day lives…

For those of you that don’t know or have not heard of Caser Millan he talks a lot about how dogs mirror to us what is going on in our own lives.  He shows us how tension in our bodies flow to the dog causing the dog to react in a certain way. He says “What you feel becomes your energy and that is what your dog sees you as.” Meaning our pets pick up and feed off of how we are feeling.

I find that what he is saying relates to any pet we might own.  All animals are extremely aware of their surroundings.  Our pets are all a big part of our lives.  They eat with us and sleep with us and spend a lot of time being around us.  A lot of people will say “my dog or horse knows me better then my family does; she seems to know how I am feeling without me saying a word.” This is very true in many ways because dogs, horses, cats, whatever your beloved pet is they are all very in tuned to there surrounding.  They are so in tuned they can sense when the weather is going to change long before it does. This sensitivity is not limited to the climate but it extends to how you are feeling inside even if you are not showing it.  They know when you are excited, angry, fearful, anxious or terrified.  They will show you exactly how you are feeling all you have to do is listen.  They are great mirrors for us, meaning they will often reflect exactly how you are feeling inside.  You can lie to yourself and others around you but your pet will never be fooled. Buck Brannaman a well known horse trainer says “your horse tells me a lot about your life and how you are feeling”

My challenge for you is this: next time you are out with your horses or dog or around your pet ask yourself how is my animal behaving and what are they trying to tell me about myself.  Are they stresses, anxious, aggressive…?  Then close your eyes take a deep breath and ask yourself how you are feeling, are your shoulders up to your ears, is there apart of your body or is your whole body tense or stiff, are you stressed from work or a family situation, are you angry because of something that just happened?  Take a few deep breaths, really relax and then look at your animal again, how have they changed?

Before you blame your pet for some crazy or aggressive behavior that seems like it just came out of no where look at yourself first.  They are often times just showing you what you need to pay attention to; besides love and happiness our pets are here to help us become more aware about ourselves…more instinctual.  Why else where you attracted to that specific pet that had those specific kinds of behaviors? Now all you need to do is start listening!

In the words of Cesar Millan “life is simple. We make it complicated



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