The competitive edge

Now there is a way to get the competitive edge on your competition…

I am a middle aged competitive badminton player and I came to the clinic for help with a ‘performance enhancing session’ before a Canadian Masters Badminton Competition.  During the competition I was amazed at how relaxed I was during my play and how well I played throughout my matches.  However the tournament took its tole and I became very sore and stiff prior to the final match.  I remained stiff throughout the warm-up period.  However, an amazing thing happened as the shuttle was hit for the first time.  All of the soreness and stiffness disappeared instantaneously and I was able to play in a very fluid manner.  I had completed the game playing at a level that I had not played before, resulting in winning the match.  The soreness and stiffness only returned after the match had ended.



When competing, you need to be at the peek of your preformance level, both physically and mentally; sometimes for many days in a row. You have worked hard and prepare for months getting in shape and ready for the competition season.  Everything is perfect, your practices are going great.  You finally get to the competition and everything falls apart, you cannot seem to pull it together.

If you are looking for a way to improve you or your teams focus, mental clarity, health or your overall daily preformance then Performance Agenda is a must for you.

A Performance Agenda is a BodyTalk session that will help to take you and your team to the next level in your competitions. It helps to identify your daily stresses and mental chatter that can happen in competition. It can also help any muscle sorness, joint pain or overall body and mental exhaustion.  A session enables you to have more focus and mental clarity resulting in less nerves or distractions.  One session can help you over a few days of competiton. It works on you and your competitive partner whether that is a horse, dog, cow or person.  Whatever you are competing in, get the competitive edge with a BodyTalk Performance Agenda session.


In the beginning I was sceptical of Body Talk.  I am a high level athlete and I didn’t believe that it could help me recover from injury or improve my actual performance.   I injured my knee during a competition and it was extremely painful.  I was unsure if I would be able to continue the next day so I gave in and had a body talk session that night, by the next day my knee was better then new.  I was able to keep competing with no down time. Since I have had great success with Body talk, I have also had performance agendas completed that really helps my focus and gives me a mental edge.


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