How this alternative therapy can help you and your pet!

BodyTalk has been known to improve or heal many injuries and illnesses in the body.

This alternative therapy can also be very helpful for performance agendas including sports, general rehabilitation, birth, or surgeries. (Read the testimonial page for some positive results from performance agendas)

The following list is an idea of what bodyTalk can help:

Aids in recovery of injuries
Birth Defects
Blood Diseases
Breathing issues
Behavioural issues
Cardiac problems
Chronic pain
Cognitive Development and Brain Injury
Emotional disorders
General Wellness and Preventative Healthcare
General Rehabilitation
General aches and pains
Problems with eyesight
Musculoskeletal disorders
Neurological disorders
Organ/Tissue Transplants and Joint Replacement
Parasites, Viruses
Physical injury
Psychological disorders
Reproductive disorders
Sports Medicine

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