Allison McClintock was born and raised in the wonderfully energetic city of Calgary, AB. She has always loved to venture off to new places around the world, but for Allison, nothing compares to her hometown of Calgary.

Having grown up with animals as important members of her family, as well as having a great enjoyment of nature and wildlife, Allison decided to enroll into Olds College to take Equine Business Management after graduating high school. Allison has also been an Educational Assistant for a private school, where she has learned a great deal about working with and understanding the health and needs of children of all ages.

Natural healing has always been an interest for Allison. She was introduced to BodyTalk in 2001 and it had resonated with her immediately. BodyTalk had helped her with back pain, toothaches, knee pain, and test anxiety. After experiencing all of these positive effects, she decided she would like to help others with BodyTalk.

Allison began BodyTalk training and became fascinated with how a practitioner could help direct a client’s body to make profound changes, simply by finding out the priorities of that client’s body.

Having been connected to animals all her life, AnimalTalk was a natural progression for Allison. Having worked with two natural horse trainers helped her to broaden her understanding and belief in the power of AnimalTalk and the connection with their body priorities.

Allison became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) in 2008 and has loved helping people and animals ever since.